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The feet are seen as a map of the body, using gentle, relaxing techniques and stimulating specific pressure points on the feet enable the body to function correctly and maintain a balance of health and wellbeing. Offering a range of specialist Reflexology Treatments which Include Foot & Facial Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Conception & Maternity Reflexology, Foot Detox & Indian Head Reflexology

Reflexologists can detect the areas of imbalance in the body. Through regular treatment and working combined reflexes, balance can be restored.

Potential Benefits of Foot & Facial Reflexology can include:

  • reduced stress
  • feelings of deep relaxation
  • increased energy levels
  • the release of endorphins, the body’s feel good hormones (which can also provide pain relief)
  • improved circulation
  • more efficient removal of impurities & toxins
  • A stronger immune system
  • A sense that the whole body is better balanced, or in harmony.

Facial Reflexology

This is a particular branch of Reflexology that looks to address all aspects of a person’s wellbeing, by working on the persons most visible feature, the face, seeking to address not only physical problems but also mental and emotional aspects of life, bringing about calm and tranquillity. Energy levels are also increased, improved skin tone and a feeling of total wellbeing. Like the feet the face is also seen as a map of the whole body.

Our Reflexologist has undertaken the following additional advanced courses in:

  • Conception & Reflexology
  • Maternity Reflexology
  • Spinal Advanced Reflexology
  • Reflexology & Digestion
  • Holistic Facial Reflexology
  • Holistic Facial Massage

Treatment Procedures:

Treatment begins with a relaxing foot spa and generally last for 1 hour 15 mins. Our therapist offers a free consultation as part of her treatment to establish your needs, any contraindications and provide a specific treatment for you.

Reflexology Treatments:

Foot Reflexology
Reflex areas on the feet correspond to systems, body parts & organs in the body. Reflexology can reduce stress & pain, improve circulation of blood & energy & promote general wellbeing.

Facial Reflexology

In 2007, our resident reflexologist studied in London the “Sorensensistem” for Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology gives you the relaxing feel of a facial massage and the restorative powers of reflexology. Specialised massage techniques are used to restore & balance the body

Foot & Facial Reflexology

Reflex areas on the feet correspond to systems, body parts & organs in the body. Reflexology can reduce stress & pain, improve circulation of blood & energy & promote general well being. Facial reflexology gives you the relaxing feel of a facial massage and the restorative powers of reflexology. Specialised massage techniques are used to restore & balance the body

Hot Stone Reflexology: 

Hot Stone Reflexology is a relatively new treatment although the use of Hot Stone therapy goes back over 2000 years. For example the American Indian’s would use to help with the healing process. Japanese monks tied them to their sashes to help with digestion.

The stones used  in hot stone treatments are known as Basalt Rock. They are given up by Volcanoes, most of the ocean floor is made up of Basalt. Being full of energy for healing mind, body and spirit.

  • Known for their heat retention.
  • Helps improve circulation, eliminate waste products via the lymphatic system and detoxify the body.
  • Have a sedative effect in the nervous system.
  • Psychologically, Basalt is soothing, comforting, giving feelings of security and safety whilst releasing tension and anxiety.
  • Cold stones can also be used in a treatment, especially for sinus problems, digestive and bowel problems with positive results.

Holistic Facial Massage & Facial Reflexology
This treatment combines both the relaxing  elements of a Holistic facial massage and beneficial elements of facial reflexology.

Reflexology Indian Head Massage: 

This is a unique treatment, combining Facial Reflexology & Indian Head Massage.

The treatment starts with Indian Head Massage. For over 5,000 years, Indian women have appreciated the benefits.  A treatment which originated from the Ayurveda, an ancient method involving natural therapies, taking into account of Mind, Body & Spirit.

Indian Head Massage, taught and practised in the west is a mixture of traditional & western Massage techniques, which include massage of the shoulders, upper arms & neck. The use of oils for the hair & body is an optional part of your treatment, but can be of extra benefit if used.

Facial Reflexology is a therapeutic intervention in which stimulation of zones & points of the face are utilised to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body.

This Unique Treatment combines ancient alternative therapies. Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese & Andean tribal body maps, with neuroanatomy.

A deeply relaxing treatment, which works on cranial lines and points.  Balancing the body on all levels, physically, energetically and psychologically.


  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Hair & Scalp Conditions
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved removal of impurities & Toxins
  • Stimulation & improvement of lymphatic systems
  • Helps with Migraine & Headaches
  • Increased energy
  • Improved Immune System

Foot Detox (can be added to treatment).

The Bio-energiser is a relaxing 30 minute treatment that involves placing your feet into a spa bowl filled with warm salted (low salt) water. The energizing cartridge delivers a unique patented pulsed charge into the water. The micro charge starts an electrolytic process, which creates a magnetic field charging ions present in the spa bowl.

Magnetic Therapy is said to have a soothing effect on cells, tissue and nerves when applied to an affected part of the body. This can reduce pain, soreness, stiffness & swelling. Magnetic Therapy is said to improve circulation, increase temperature & therefore relax tissue.

We have a wider range of Holistic Body Treatments Available.....

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Customer Experiences

Bronleigh House is a warm and inviting holistic space at the heart of Neath. There is a wide range of treatments available and even a Kitchen offering food and refreshments for loved ones to relax and wait if required. The staff are professional and warm and you are made to feel at home, the second you step inside this contemporary wellness centre — with Ruth D Evans and Nicola Giles.

Debbie Robinson

Visited the cafe for lunchtime snack and was very impressed, lovely outdoor area, lovely food and friendly staff, will definitely visit again.

Theresa Bannister

Feeling brand new after my foot detox and facial reflexology. Absolutely amazing . Cant recommend enough!! Thank you so much Christine !! Xx

Katie Hopkins
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