Terms & Conditions

Business Terms & Conditions:


Businesses & Policies

  • Businesses within Bronleigh operate on a self-employed Basis and are all independent. If you need any assistance or have a query regarding a service or Business, our Reception staff will be on hand to help navigate you in the right direction or will advise you in accordance with your requirements. Our Reception is a central point of contact for all Businesses if and when necessary.
  • Individual businesses are responsible for their own legal documentation & policies in accidence with their Business requirements.


Opening Hours:


  • Our Business operate their own working hours, However the main clinic Hours are:
  • Clinic Hours: 9am until 8pm
  • Reception Hours: 9am until 6pm (This may vary).


Cancellation Policies


  • You must Give at least 24hrs notice if you intend to cancel an appointment. Cancellation policies may vary from business to business and therefore it is your responsibility to cancel within the notice period of the business you are booked in with, to avoid a cancellation fee.
  • We advise that you contact the main reception within opening Hours, or you receive receipt of your cancellation in writing by the clinic or therapist to validate your request. If you do not have receipt of this in writing (txt or email), it will be classed as a no show, and a cancellation fee will apply.
  • You may cancel some appointments via the app, but your request is not accepted until you have written receipt of cancellation. Without written confirmation by the clinic or therapist a cancellation fee will still apply (an automatic message via the app is not acceptable). Please contact the clinic or your therapist direct.


Our Online App

  • We have an Online Booking System, if you prefer to book on the go or out of hours. You can book online via our App “Bronleigh House” which can be downloaded for free in your App store.
  • Here you can keep up to date with our services, prices, News, offers, Reviews and appointment schedules & reminders.

You can opt out of any communication via your app, although we do advise you are able to communicate notifications for cancellation & appointment communications.

  • You will have access to this via your own personal login details.
  • If you require information or would like to speak to a member of staff, we are always available to chat or make a booking on your behalf within reception Opening Hours.


Communications & Social Media


  • Our social media is managed by a number of people and therefore not always reliable to make a last-minute bookings. Whilst we will do our best to respond, it is not always managed by a person who is present in the business. Therefore, if you do not get a prompt response, we advise that you call the clinic, email us direct or request a booking via our app to make any last-minute bookings. Generally, we will respond no later than the next working day on social media.



  • Parking is limited to a maximum of 3 hours. If your appointments exceed this time, please notify our Reception with your car registration. We have CCTV monitoring our Car Park, but you must leave your belongings at your own Risk.
  • Please be aware of Pedestrians in and around the car Park. Please Drive slowly and with caution of cars manoeuvring and reversing in certain areas of oncoming traffic.
  • Please adhere to our one-way system. You May only Exit at the front during certain hours where our back gates may be closed for any reason.


Toilets & changing facilities

  • For customers using the outdoor space, we have a toilet to the left of the garden. We also have two Customer Toilets on the ground floor which have baby changing & disabled facilities. We also have toilet facilities on our first & second floors.

Disabled Access & Facilities

We have numerous downstairs Rooms available to use at the clinic. We also have allocated rooms for all services to use, making our services accessible to everyone. Please can you make your therapist or receptionist aware if you require a downstairs room when making your appointment. We have access to the café and main building via a ramp, a side therapy room with a ramp entrance & the back double doors leading into reception. We also have two large downstairs disabled toilets.




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