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An indulgent choice of head to toe Aromatherapy Massage Treatments. Blended with essential oils specifically tailored for you. These treatment will balance your Mind and Body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for their curative  & therapeutic properties.  Oils usually have the name of the plant that they are derived from, such as Lavender and Black Pepper.  Each oil has its own specific healing properties: they can for example calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation, ease aches and pain and uplift your spirits. Each oil has its own special therapeutic properties, which can be used & applied in a variety of ways. Aromatherapy Massage relaxes both the body and mind.

Your first appointment will include a consultation about your general health and wellbeing to ensure your suitability for treatment and to enable the therapist to choose essential oils appropriate to your individual needs. These can be combined with an Aromatherapy Treatment of your choice.

Essential oils combined with a massage are believed to affect the body physically, mentally and even emotionally/spiritually. Combined with Massage, which helps to remove tension & improve circulation, an aromatherapy treatment can be both uplifting & relaxing, depending on the oils & massage techniques used by the Therapist.

Benefits of an Aromatherapy Treatment:

Eliminates feelings of depression, Anxiety & Stress

Provides relief from insomnia

Boosts immune & digestive systems

Increases Circulation & energy levels

Helps treat constipation, indigestion & bloating

Reduces severity & discomfort caused by psoriasis & eczema


Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 

An indulgent Head to toe massage with essential oils blended specifically for you. This treatment will bring your mind & body back into balance leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.

Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulders (BNS)

A popular pressure massage designed to alleviate stress by focusing on the tension across the back, neck & shoulders using aromatherapy oils specifically blended to your needs.

Hand & Arm Massage

A relaxing & soothing experience to relieve stress & discomfort in the arms, hands & wrists using a blend of essential aromatherapy Oils.

Aromatherapy Indian Head Massage

This is a unique treatment combining the use of specifically tailored Aromatherapy essential oils to perform the Indian Head Massage. For over 5,000 years, Indian women have appreciated the benefits.  A treatment which originated from the Ayurveda, an ancient method involving natural therapies, taking into account of Mind, Body & Spirit.

Indian Head Massage, taught and practised in the west is a mixture of traditional & western Massage techniques, which include massage of the shoulders, upper arms & neck. The use of oils for the hair & body is an optional part of your treatment, but can be of extra benefit if used.


  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Hair & Scalp Conditions
  • Improved Circulation
  • Improved removal of impurities & Toxins
  • Stimulation & improvement of lymphatic systems
  • Helps with Migraine & Headaches
  • Increased energy
  • Improved Immune System
  • A tailored blend of therapeutic & curative Aromatherapy oils to meet your wellbeing needs.

We have a wide range of Relaxing Holistic Body Treatments Available....

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Kat Walters – Aromatherapy, Holistic & Spa Therapies

My name is Kat and I am a Level 4 Complementary Therapist offering Advanced Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology , Pregnancy Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Indian head Massage, Hot Stone during any stage of life including pregnancy…

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Customer Experiences

Bronleigh House is a warm and inviting holistic space at the heart of Neath. There is a wide range of treatments available and even a Kitchen offering food and refreshments for loved ones to relax and wait if required. The staff are professional and warm and you are made to feel at home, the second you step inside this contemporary wellness centre — with Ruth D Evans and Nicola Giles.

Debbie Robinson

Visited the cafe for lunchtime snack and was very impressed, lovely outdoor area, lovely food and friendly staff, will definitely visit again.

Theresa Bannister

Feeling brand new after my foot detox and facial reflexology. Absolutely amazing . Cant recommend enough!! Thank you so much Christine !! Xx

Katie Hopkins
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