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Baby Classes

Welcome to the wonderful Hub of Babies & Families! We are really fortunate to have two separate Baby Class groups here at Bronleigh. Our Baby Love classes are full of musical and sensory development, infant sign language and creative play, whilst Story Babies NPT deliver multi-award winning, story & sensory based baby classes. Both are based around developing language & vocabulary using Rhymes, songs and stories. Our groups aim to create welcoming, non-judgmental and safe space encouraging a supportive community of parents, grandparents and of course your little ones. Classes can help you and your baby on this magical journey of development with age appropriate classes focusing on exploratory and creative play, full of music, props whilst helping to develop baby and parent interaction, sensory, speech & social communication. Classes are split into suitable age groups so activities are specifically tailored to your baby’s needs on their developmental journey. Many of our parents meet for coffee and lunch at our onsite coffee shop, after class and have created long-lasting friendships.

Tinies – Newborn to 6/7 months

As soon as you feel comfortable to leave the house and start interacting with other mums and dads and their babies, bring them along to our friendly Tinies class. This includes a relaxing mummy or daddy meditation, multi-sensory engagement activities such as ribbon exploration and musical instrument play, baby massage and our Baby Love infant signing system to develop early communication skills.

This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and chat about your parenting journey in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Tweenies - 7 months - walking

This class is ideal for bouncing babies who like to explore, roll over and who are beginning to move independently. Babies suitable for this class will be able to sit up with support or independently.

This session begins with a lively warm up action song to encourage babies to focus and interact. We use musical instruments to engage with the babies and they will learn to use their own instruments to make sounds independently and to join in with simple rhythms.

We explore different themes each term such as the weather, animals and the seaside using props, sensory exploration, songs and rhymes, as well as continuing with the Baby Love signing system to develop speech and communication. This is a wonderfully lively session where babies can join in as much or as little as they want. We also have our big dance and chill out bubble time to bring this lovely class to a close.

Toddlers - cruisers/walkers to pre-school

This is a fast and fun-filled session, exploring our current theme through music, sensory play, musical instruments and props. We dance, we march, we sing, we sign and ultimately have the best time whilst developing your toddler’s social, physical and cognitive skills.

This is an exploratory and creative session which entrances and engages your toddler so that they feel at ease joining in with activities if they want to. We continue our Baby Love signing system focusing more on the spoken word to promote positive speech, language and communication skills. We use puppets, props and sensory play to enhance each theme and to develop your toddler’s social and emotional  skills.

We explore different themes each term such as the weather, animals and the seaside. This is an exciting and lively session where toddlers start developing their confidence and can join in as much or as little as they want. We also have our big dance and chill out bubble time to bring this exhilarating class to a close.

Classes run at Bronleigh House, Neath on a Tuesday in the yoga studio. Please note the studio is on the first floor and there is no lift. Prams can be kept downstairs for the duration of the class. There is plenty of room in and around the studio for car seat, bags etc.

Sessions Run on  are on Tuesdays and more information can be found on age categories, timings and booking information via the direct booking links

For more information, get in touch via Facebook –  just search for Baby love Neath and Swansea Valley. Alternatively, e-mail [email protected] or call 07790 944386.



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