Gait Analysis & 3d Custom Orthotics.

We are so pleased to be one of the very few Clinics in the South Wales region to be offering this made to measure professional dynamic Gait Analysis service. Hannah,  who is an experienced Sports Therapist, found that many of her clients would benefit from custom orthotics as a result of gait and biomechanical issues, which could be aided by custom orthotics. After many years of externally referring clients for this service, she knows that it will be able to expand and enhance her services to meet her customer needs.

Hannah shares her professional  experience:

“From my experience working with professional Rugby Teams and elite athletes as well as private patients, I knew how effective this service could be and recognised the need and importance of custom fitted orthotics. There are so many different kinds of” off the shelf” orthotics. Many are unsuitable or too harsh for an individuals foot, and without the correct guidance, can easily lead to prolonged pain and often can result in causing problems elsewhere. That’s not to say that orthotics off the shelf are unsuitable, we also offer these followed by the correct guidance from us, and supply these from a reputable brand partnered with our custom orthotics team.  However, if your serious about tackling any biomechanical and gait issues, then there is nothing like a personalised gait analysis and custom orthotics designed & fitted for you.   Its a complex and important area to address which you need to get right. Often the use of orthotics is short term, and  once used alongside a rehab exercise programme and treatment, it has proven to have led to significant results, which I have witnessed myself in the clinic. Often leading to life changing results, and banishing pain from chronic injuries.

I would externally refer when I thought someone would benefit from orthotics, they would then continue to have treatment with myself, whilst we worked on any biomechanical imbalances as result of the body moving incorrectly prior to receiving orthotics. Very often this can be done without orthotics, and i will always assess each individual and base it on their circumstances. For some it is a long term support, with poor anatomical structures from birth or as a result of an accident/injury.

With this service available to me I am able to monitor every step of the process in house, with the backing of experienced podiatrists and Gait Analysis specialists if necessary from the Rs scan Phits team.   The software is state of the art, capturing data for every day use to the more sports specific analysis and orthotics, suitable for walkers, cyclists, runners and skiers as well as  all sports specific footwear.

Stand Alone Gait Analysis – Monitor Your rehab with visual results.

We can also use the gait analysis as a stand alone service. For Many this is a great way to capture data throughout your rehabilitation. We can use this data to find your biomechanical & anatomical  strength and weaknesses and use visual data, alongside strength testing to monitor your progress. This data is used to devise a personalised rehabilitation  programme to target and manage your strength and weaknesses for faster and precise results”.


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